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Skin Planet is a premium chain of clinics with three established branches located at Lokmat Building, Nagpur; Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur; and Lakhnadon (M.P.). With the aim of providing the best skincare, hair treatment, and hair transplant services, treatments are conducted under the supervision of our certified dermatologists. Whether it's skin polishing, laser hair removal, laser toning, or vampire facial treatments, we ensure that our patients leave with satisfactory results. We provide consultations for both light and serious skin disorders at our clinic. The medicines we prescribe are available at an affordable price. Visit our clinic for impeccable skin and hair treatments, including hair transplant procedures. We provide comprehensive care and support at every step of the way, with a supportive staff of nurses, doctors, and specialists ensuring comfort throughout the treatment process.


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"Revitalize your skin with our expert dermatologists' personalized treatments, unlocking a radiant and healthy complexion"

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Skin Planet

Why To Choose Us

Look for a clinic with experienced dermatologists who are board-certified and have a strong reputation for their expertise. We offer a comprehensive range of dermatological services, including medical dermatology, cosmetic procedures, and surgical treatments.

100% Safe & Trusted

Experience beauty with assurance – 100% Safe & Trusted skincare solutions tailored just for you. Embrace radiant skin with the confidence that comes from our proven and trusted treatments.

Modern equipment

Modern equipment and cutting-edge technology can facilitate accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

24/7 take care staff

At Skin Planet Clinic, your well-being is our constant concern. Our dedicated 24/7 care staff ensures round-the-clock support, ensuring you feel cared for at every moment. Experience personalized attention and peace of mind on your journey to radiant skin.

Clean & Well-Maintained Clinic

Experience the epitome of hygiene and care at Skin Planet Clinic, where cleanliness is our priority. Our clinic is meticulously maintained to ensure a pristine environment, reflecting our commitment to your well-being.

Medical & General Care!

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Years Of Experience

Trust our 10+ years of experience to unveil your radiant, confident skin through personalized treatments and innovative solutions.


Experienced Doctor's

At Skin Planet Clinic, your skin is in the hands of a seasoned team of 4+ expert doctors, committed to crafting personalized and comprehensive skincare solutions.


Happy Patients

Our success is measured by the smiles of over 1000 happy patients who have entrusted us with their skincare journey.

Why You Need This Treatment

Dermatologists can accurately diagnose and manage skin conditions, such as acne, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, hair transplant, hair treatment, and skin cancers. In today’s stressful living, Alopecia (Hair Loss) is a common problem that affects men and women. Unexplained or persistent skin rashes, redness, or itching. Management and treatment of scars, including acne scars or surgical scars. For the removal or reduction of unwanted hair. Unusual moles, growths, or skin lesions that change in size, shape, or color. Many factors contribute to it, including hormonal imbalances, stress, nutritional efficiency, toning, genetic conditions, etc.

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"At Skin Planet Clinic, our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of our skincare journey. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering personalized care, ensuring radiant results that leave our clients glowing with confidence and contentment."